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About Me

As a little girl, I didn't know that my love for photography was different than everyone else.  I thought that all little girls borrowed their mom's old camera and posed their pets or friends for fun.  It wasn't until college that I learned otherwise.


I actually entered Califonia State University Northridge as a biology major.  I wanted to be a veterinarian.  It was a tough first semester, so I took "easier" classes in my 2nd semester.  One of the classes I took was photography and it changed my life.  The beeline to administration and a change to my major to photojournalism, was just the beginning.


I was the photo editor for The Daily Sundial for a year and when I graduated I held internships, as well as was a stringer (paid per assignment) for newspapers like (I'm dating myself because most of these papers have folded) "The Simi Valley Enterprise", "The Foothill Leader", "Thousand Oaks News Chronicle", "Glendale News Press", "Pasadena Star News", and "The Signal".  Most recently I've been published in "Mingle", "Soap Opera Weekly", and "Soap Opera Digest".


I love telling stories in a visual way.  Whether I'm shooting a news event or a wedding, I'm there to predict, capture, and preserve that defining moment that tells the story.  That moment that has been witness and experienced. That moment that will be revered for generations. 


I'm married to my wonderful husband since '96 and we have 3 amazing (all special needs) children who have taught me so much about myself and life in general.  They have this uncanny way of looking at things and they have taught me how to see things from many perspectives.  It has become engrained in me and has added an unique texture to my work.